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Welcome to KBA Solutions

KBA Solutions partner with some of the world's most successful organisations providing executive leadership development and transformation consultancy. Our unique strength lies in the way we blend consultancy with leadership development interventions to offer complete practical solutions achieving high impact.

We draw on our expertise and comprehensive tools to help our clients improve performance. Our personalised approach and cost efficient business model makes us a realistic alternative to global consulting firms and international business schools. Our quality is guaranteed as an Approved Institute of Leadership and Management Centre offering bespoke MBA level executive development and coaching with our reputation for consistent high standards of delivery.

One open leadership programme that we run is the highly successful Strategic Leadership in Modern Local Government at King's College London.

Why Hire Us?

Trusted Consultant

We are highly experienced consultants you can trust. The same consultant will personally work with you and your team throughout the assignment building a strong enjoyable relationship.

Client Testimonials

Here are just some of our clients:

We make it our business to understand our clients thoroughly, to increase our knowledge constantly and to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Contact Info

 01643 841 015

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